Electrifying the classic past for a greener future.

"The perfect balance between classic and modern"
Ken Macken
Founder & Car Enthusiast

Proudly designed, engineered and built in Noosa, Australia

Experience a silent classic

The sleek and beautiful lines of a classic car with the heart and technology of the modern world. Gone are the oily, smelly days of yester year, experience the cleaner, efficient and hassle free days of driving a Future Past EV

old feels with modern flair

Retaining the feel of a classic is what makes the car unique. Upgrading the user experience is what reinvigorates the passion for the car. With the instant torque of EV system under the hood you will remember why you love your classic so much. 

fueled by the natural elements

Embrace the natural power of the sun and renewable energies to recharge your vehicle at home or out on the open road. The clean energy that powers your classic is clean, green and plentiful.

fall in love with a classic ev

Emission free

World leading EV motor and battery technology is used to replace the original internal combustion engine so it produces zero carbon emissions

Silent but powerful

The silent instant torque of an electric motor will throw you back in your seat and with the added stopping force of regenerative braking will pull you up on a dime.

Designed to be driven

Fully engineered to meet all the automotive standards so you can drive it on the roads everyday.

Modern Comforts

Power steering, regenerative braking, Air Conditioning makes our classic EV's more drive'able everyday.

Ease of ownership

All our classic EV's come with servicing documents that allow for painless maintenance and servicing if ever needed. We design for a lifetime, not just a good time.

Increased value

Refreshed, rejuvenated and reinvigorated is the feeling your classic will have. Our high quality finish with advanced technology leads to a higher value asset.

Electrify the classic of your dreams

Whether you are seeking a weekend driver, a coast house cruiser, or an EV classic - we are here to help you experience the joy of driving your own Future Past EV. Get started today by filling out our enquiry form below.